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Colonic Irrigation and 14 Day Skinny Weight Loss Cleanse with Dublins Premier Detox Suites, Clinic and Gym

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Why Do People Lose More Weight On The 14 Skinny Cleanse

Because fat cells contain toxins. In order to initiate weightloss you need to begin with a clean system. The 14 Day Weightloss Skinny Cleanse begins with colonic irrigation which makes it a truly unique programme. For 14 Days you will eat food that encourages the release of toxins so you will lose weight without hunger. Results are immediate with bloating removed instantly after your colonic irrigation session. In the days that follow you will notice the inches drop from around your waist. For those who are not familiar with this treatment, Colonic Irrigation removes impacted fecal matter and mucoid plaque from deep within the colon. By hydrating body cells, it causes toxins to be removed from the body. In some cases a dramatic amount of weight loss is experienced due to this alone. The 14 Day Skinny Cleanse is a true full body detox. You must cleanse your liver and colon to experience the true weight loss benefits of detox and colonics do both...instantly. Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy is now more popular than ever. Fresh purified water is used to create a little resistance to enable the walls of the colon to become stronger and retrain the bowel so that gut good health and issues such as IBS and constipation are removed. Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy offers added benefits for bowel strength and ensures a healthier body. At Dublin Vitality Centre you will find 3 levels of detox depending on your requirements. Book 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Weightloss detox today on 01-9018359Read About Detox Programmes

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Why Colonic Irrigation?

Can I Detox At Home?

Yes you can, Infact thats what most people do. But they always begin with colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Centre in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. You can also choose to have a full 14 diet and weight loss programme explained and provided to you. This includes shopping lists, menus, weight loss supplements and fat burners to help you lose weight whilst also removing deep toxicity from your body. We call this programme The 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox and it is available exclusively at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge.
But in order for some people to fully benefit from a full body detox, they very often choose to stay with us at our luxury clean break suites located on Merrion Road. They also begin with a clean colon and liver by undergoing colonic irrigation. But some people need to be away from it all and a little extra help in order to get going. This is usually the case if big lifestyle changes are needed or weight loss is an absolute priority. Dublin Vitality Centre recommends a 2 night stay in order to get the body ready for detox and prepare the mind. Colonic irrigation is without doubt, the best way to begin any detox. If you choose to do your detox at home, thats great.
But because of the importance of finding peace and space during a detox and because many people need to be away from their normal life to truly commit to body and mind cleansing, Dublin Vitality Centre®s 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox Programme enables you to stay at high quality purpose built suites on Merrion Road, Dublin 4 for as long as you need whilst your body adjusts to your new eating plan.
Whether or not you wish to stay at our luxury suites on Merrion Road, you may still undergo colonic irrigation by trained professionals in a highly advanced clinical space with every facility you will need to make your experience pleasant and ayurvedic. Anyday is a good day to begin your detox. Book Today on 01-9018359

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Select Your Detox Programme

Level 1. Colonic Irrigation - Weight Loss Booster - €90

Level 2.Colonic Irrigation & Liver Coffeen Enema - Bright Eye Cleanse - €120

Level 3. Inchloss Detox Expres - Lymphatic Drainage, Colonic & Liver enema - €150

Level 4. 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Weight Loss Diet & Colonic - €250

Level 5. 2 Day Clean Break Colonic Detox Fat Burner Fasting Holiday - €1500